Powerful imagery for clients who aspire to be a cut above the rest.

Print & Photography


Luminae Interactive designs unique and powerful print pieces for clients who aspire to be a cut above the rest, including photography, promotional posters, magazine and newspaper,We make your message shine with uniqueness and simplicity.      advertising, brochures, and informational literature.


While many people focus on the Web when it comes to spreading their brand, message and products, the world of print is still one of the most cost-effective way to read a broad group of targeted viewers. We make your message shine with uniqueness and simplicity. We concentrate on making your graphic artwork stand out from the normal cookie-cutter images that flood the marketplace.

Execution & Coordination

One of the most complex aspects of print design is the execution. How many times have you had an agency put together a great campaign only to have it muddied by poor execution, or worse, leaving you to coordinate the execution. You should focus on your job, while we make sure everything comes out perfect.

Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with letting experts take care of what they do best, letting you concentrate on growing your business, moving product, or telling your story.

Office Max
Neelam Patel
Virginia Countryside

Print & Photography Portfolio

OfficeMax/CopyMax | Printwork
Printwork | OfficeMax/CopyMax Brochure & Signage
Created materials for the launch of a collaborative partnership with OfficeMax to promote Web design products and services in their CopyMax centers.
OfficeMax | Brochure
OfficeMax | In-Store Signage
In-Store Signage
Neelam Patel | Printwork
Printwork | Neelam Patel Print Campaign
Design and production of a promotional poster for Neelam Patel's "Sensual Reflections" poetry and dance show; Reston, Virginia.
Neelam Patel | Promotional Poster
Promotional Poster
Virginia Countryside, Ida Lee Park | Photography
Photography series taken of the Virginia countryside in early Spring; Ida Lee Park, Leesburg, Virginia.
Virginia Countryside | Reed
Virginia Countryside | Fence
Virginia Countryside | Tree

Portfolio items displayed include work from Luminae Interactive and its founder and principal designer Aaron B. Case.