Speed and beauty for clients who are on the go.



Luminae Interactive designs unique and powerful mobile applications into a balance of speed and beauty for clients who are on the go. From iPhone and Android apps to mobile versions of your web presence, Luminae can provide it.Mobile applications that are fast, robust and visually stunning.

Aesthetics & Delivery

We build applications for mobile platforms that are fast, robust and visually stunning. Luminae selects the most advanced technology available to minimize the need to build separate apps for each mobile client software.

There are four billion mobile devices in operation around the world. That number is expected to grow exponentially in the next couple of years. Already the most important means of communication for much of the planet, mobile is the biggest opportunity of the digital age.

Our Mobile group looks beyond messaging to create rich experiences, sites, native applications, and integrated digital signage that can help your brand provide real value.

We build it once, the right way, and it can be quickly ported to any mobile client you choose. From iPhone to Android to Symbian to Blackberry, we have the development capabilities to handle your needs and the smartphone's requirements.

Melbourne IT

Mobile Portfolio

Melbourne IT | Mobile
Mobile | Melbourne IT Mobile Applications
Created iPhone and Android mobile applications for Melbourne IT Digital Brand Protection Services, Melbourne, Australia.
Melbourne IT | iPhone Application
iPhone Application
Melbourne IT | Android Application
Android Application

Portfolio items displayed include work from Luminae Interactive and its founder and principal designer Aaron B. Case.